Back-to-Work Mornings

Daily clothing bags

I’ve been trying to find ways to help me organize myself, so that my weekday mornings aren’t as chaotic as I think they could be. Here are some things that I’ve done so far:

  1. Oatmeal bags: I use a Decosonic to make ½ cup plain oatmeal bags for breakfast. I also make small containers filled with toppings for my oatmeal. This week, I’m eating cinnamon raisin.
  2. Healthy snacks: I used the Decosonic again to make healthy snack bags for the office. So far this week, I’ve eaten rice cakes, popcorn and almonds. It’s working out quite nicely.
  3. Clothing bags (see above): I used large Ziploc bags to organize my baby’s clothing for daycare for the week. Each bag includes a onesie, pants or shorts, shirt and socks. I’m flexible for swapping something out, depending on the weather, but it’s really great to have something to start with.
  4. Slow-cooker meals: My husband is an excellent cook (I will be happily blogging about some of his meals later on). This week, he made a big pot of chili. It’s great and really healthy for lunch. We often make a lot of extra food and put it in the freezer until we need it that day.
  5. Pre-made coffee: Not a huge deal, but I find it helps when I pre-make the coffee in the coffee maker the night before. That way, when I’m all glossy-eyed in the morning, all I have to do is push a button and voila! Coffee will be ready soon!
  6. Coconut Oil: I like to use products that have multiple purposes, like coconut oil. I use coconut oil daily as a eye makeup remover and face/body moisturize. For more ideas on ways to use coconut oil, check out this blog post.

Coconut OilWhat do you do to make your mornings go just a little bit smoother?


A few of my favourite things

I thought toby&peach had a great idea listing a few of her favourite July things. Here is my list of a few things that I can’t live without this month:

1. Good Kisser by Usher. I’m pretty sure this song is about something else than kissing someone on the lips, however, I really like the dancing and the beat in the song, so I choose to ignore that it might be about something else…

2. Starbucks tumbler: Who doesn’t love these things?!?! I’m addicted to them (in addition to Starbucks mugs and gift cards)! They are perfect for drinking tons of water out of them. Trying to drink more water during the day? Buy one of these!

3. Stroller bug net: I bought a similar bug net to this one for our Baby Jogger stroller and it works so well. I got mine on

4. Sunscreen! Not for me but for our daughter! She has such fair skin and she burns so easily. I use this stuff like it’s going out of style.

5. iPhone 5: Really, I can’t live without this thing. My whole life is in it. I know, so bad, but I can’t help it. I love it.

What are a few of your favourite things?


Follow Jenny Jenny’s board Collections on Pinterest.

Do you collect things? I do. I actually have a few odd collections.

When I was little, I used to collect pencils, erasers and stickers. I vaguely remember also collecting marbles and Pogs, but I can’t remember if I actually collected them per say or just played with them a lot.


These days, I have a more *ahem* sophisticated collection. I’m a huge Starbucks fan and have started collecting their mugs and gift cards. I would love to collect some Starbucks gift cards from all over the world, but so far I only have ones from Florida and Canada.

I’m also starting a temporary tattoo collection. I’m just at the beginning stage of this collection. I have High School Musical tattoos (I mean who wouldn’t want Zac Efron* tattooed on them) and Hello Kitty tattoos. I think this would be a fun collection to give to my daughter when she’s a little bit older. Maybe I’ll have enough tattoos that she can give herself a full sleeve. Ha! Best mom ever!

Do you have any collections? What do you collect?


* Speaking of Zac Efron, have you seen this Tonight Show video with Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogan and Zac Efron. Ewwww!