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Music for your ears

Here are some great music videos that I found on YouTube this week:


How to get a singer’s attention at a concert?

Yup. I Google’ed this today. In Ottawa, we have a lot of great concerts coming up over the next couple of weeks. Katy Perry (tonight)*, Justin Timberlake*, Bruno Mars*. We’re pretty lucky. 

So the question I asked today is how do you get a singer’s attention at a concert? Here is some advice I found on Yahoo! Answers

  1. Make a huge poster with something random on it. They actually might stop to read it.
  2. Pull up your shirt
  3. Look like a Penthouse model
  4. Buy a lot of rotten tomatoes
  5. Totally freak them out and say you want to marry them
  6. Get past the guards, get in your birthday suit, streak across the stage yell “I LOOOOOVEEEE YOUUUUU!” and then run like hell
  7. Throw something at them, like a full cup of beer
  8. Get on someone’s shoulders and start doing the YMCA
  9. Wear something different and spunky, but not weird or hippyish
  10. Bring a sticky note, write your phone number and that you want to have some fun after the show, then put it on the stage

Ugh… thanks Yahoo! Answers… I’ll keep some of these ideas in mind.


* You can tickets here if you don’t already have them.