MakerFaire Ottawa 2014 (Review)

Jenny and daughter

Today was Maker Faire day in Ottawa. Actually, the fair is on all weekend, but today is the day that we had a chance to go. I remember hearing about Maker Faire YEARS ago. In 2008, I was really involved in the “craft” scene. I was a busy knitting, embroidering, glue gunning machine. In my research looking for other people and blogs for people doing cool stuff, I came across the Craft: website. Maker Faire was associated with this magazine, so I got to know about Maker Faire at the same time. All I can remember is that at one of the big Maker Faire festivals, someone made a life size mousetrap*!

Here are some cool booths that caught my eye:

photo 2  photo 1  photo 3

These guys at 3D Ponics make some great tools to help grow plans indoors. It’s hard to explain everything in detail, but basically they’ve created a hydroponic system with tools that they’ve made from a 3D printer. If you go to their website (3D Ponics), they give a great explanation on their current project. Recently, they did a kickstarter and they achieved their goal and then some (way to go guys!).  This keychain/bottle opener came from this booth. Check out the 3Dprinter.com website for more information.

photo 4   photo 1

Ian Langohr is from Montreal and he is extremely talented. This guy makes amazing over-sized foam mascot heads. I was lucky enough to try on the zombie cat head and I was totally blown away by the quality and detail of his masks. If you didn’t have a chance to visit @makerfaireott yet, you’ve got to go, just to see this. Out of all the business card images I could choose from, I chose this one because I thought the image looked like Jim Watson, the Mayor of Ottawa (sorry Jim).

photo 4   photo 5

These guys are my heroes. I just want to hang out with these guys and play with Lego’s all day. The group ParLUGment was at the MakerFaire today and what they had on display was very impressive. They had little cities, very creative bookends and hill side mansions all on display made out of Lego. In our household, we’re just working on making cool stuff with Duplo, but I hope to get up to your speed in a few years.

photo 2

Saving the best for last? Yup, pretty much. I didn’t grab a business card or speak to anyone at this booth because IT WAS TOO BUSY. However, we did manage to get a quick photo op with our daughter with the R2-D2 that made it’s TV debut last week. It’s totally amazing how someone watches a movie and says “hey, that R2-D2 is so cool, I want to make one”. It just blows my mind. If you’re a big Star Wars fan and are interested in following an Ottawa-tonian build an R2 from scratch, join his Facebook page here. 

Other cool things I saw at the museum today: A bunch of giant cameras, computers, typewrites that are now an all-in-one device like the iPhone.

photo 5  photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Did you go to MakerFaire Ottawa today? What did you think? See anything cool?

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* I just Googled this trying to find the article and just found out that at the 2014 Detroit Maker Fair, they had another life size mousetrap! The video is below is from 2007 at MakerFaire Austin.}


Cool stuff: Duplo

Do you remember Duplo? I do. It’s really great for kids. Gets their creative juices flowing if you know what I mean.

When I was out thrift store hunting yesterday and we saw a big ol’ bag of it. I wish I would have bought it. Once I got home, I took a look on Pinterest to see what cool stuff I could have made with it. Here’s my Pinterest board on Be Creative – Duplo.

 Did you ever play with Duplo? Do you remember anything you made with it? Do you have a cool pin that I should have a look at? 

Once my daughter starts playing with it, I’ll post some of her creations here.