Mom advice wanted: naps

Hello Moms,

I need your advice. This was my daughters first week at daycare. On a normal day (pre-daycare), she would have 2 x 1.5 hour naps. For this entire week, she’s only slept total 2.15 hours. How should I handle naps this weekend?

I don’t want to disrupt her daycare schedule too much, but she must be so tired.

I’m tempted to just go with the flow and put her down when she’s tired, but I don’t want to make things worse for her next week.

Do you think she’ll just figure it out that at daycare she naps at daycare times and at home she naps at home times?

What do you think? She’s only 12 months.


Daycare – Day 1 – How it went

Friday was our daughter’s first day at daycare and overall, I think it went well. They told me she was smart, friendly, kind and fearless… but they had a bit of a hard time with nap time… This is what I thought would happen:

My prediction:

  • Wake her up at 6:00am
  • Give her a bottle
  • Leave the house at 6:30am
  • Get to daycare for 7:00am
  • No morning nap (she normally has a 1.5 hour nap in the morning at home, but didn’t think she would do it at daycare)
  • Not fall asleep for her new “regular” nap time (was hoping that she would though)
  • Pick up during nap time

What happened:

  • She woke up at 5:55am
  • I gave her a bottle
  • We left the house at 6:30am
  • Got her to daycare by 7:00am
  • No morning nap (she cried a little, but was easily distracted with a toy)
  • Did not fall asleep for her new “regular” nap time
  • Picked her up during nap time (I only did this because I had the day off, next week will be a different story)

Nap time I think is going to be the biggest obstacle for us to overcome or I should say for the daycare provider to overcome. Right now, this is our routine for nap.

Room set up:

  • Room: Blackout blinds
  • Music: iPhone app (slow waves)
  • Lighting: Battery operated candle
  • Crib: only a fitted crib sheet, no blankets
  • Lovey: Curious George


  • Curious George is in the crib
  • Sit in rocking chair with her and feed her milk in a bottle
  • Burp her towards me
  • Put her down in crib with Curious George
  • Leave room while she is awake

I have no idea what the routine is at daycare, but I’m pretty confident that they probably don’t rock her in a rocking chair with a bottle before her nap. At daycare, our daughter will be sleeping on a cot and not in a crib and the blinds are down in the room, but they aren’t blackout blinds.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can make this transition easier for my daughter? I would really like her to nap at her daycare with the other kids. I don’t want her to get any special treatment, but I would like to make this easier on everyone. Any advice?

On a side note, our daughter was sleep trained at 6.5 months. We used the Sleepeasy Solution. It took us a few weeks to get it right (she’s a tough cookie), but it now works wonderfully for us. If you are thinking about sleep training and need a buddy to help you get through it (it’s not easy), please feel free to keep in touch with me. I’d be happy to be your sleep training buddy.

Sending a Child to Daycare – Things to Provide

Daycare Kit

On Friday, it will be the first day that my daughter attends daycare (yikes!!!). Today, I’m busy putting together somethings to provide my daycare provider and thought it might be helpful to share with you all the items that I will be sending with her.

Edit (August 1):

  • Indoor shoes (Joe Fresh)
  • Water shoes (Joe Fresh)
  • Waterbottle (Skip*Hop)

I have also labeled her shoes and jacket using Mabels Labels (those labels are pretty amazing eh?).

For more experienced moms, am I missing anything? Please let me know.