My Great Big (9 months #pregnantbelly big) New Mom Free Samples List


Hey NEW mom’s!

Remember that post I wrote about all those questions you’ll get asked within meeting a stranger for the first time while pregnant. So.. about those samples.

Below is a list of tried and true new mom samples that you need to sign up for. Share this list with everyone! You should sign up for these samples, get your friends to sign up for these samples for you and get your family to sign up for these samples for you! Get every one involved!

I’ve also included a list of samples that I personally did not sign up for, because I didn’t know about it when I was pregnant, so I’m not sure how good they are. If you signed up for them, please let me know in the comments below.

Am I missing any? Let me know if you have any questions with some of the samples that I did sign up for.

Not a free sample, but something super cool that I came across today. StickerYou has an option to make custom stickers with your kid’s name on it. Which is totally awesome to tag clothing, sippy cups and stuffed animals.



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Day 11 – A song on the soundtrack of your favourite movie

In school I never read The Great Gatsby, so when the movie came out I was surprised by how many people have already read the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I loved so many things in this movie. The love story, the glam, the storyline, the soundtrack. I LOVED the soundtrack to this movie. Did you know that Jay-Z was the executive producer on the soundtrack? Yeah. Cool eh?

Emeli Sande version of Crazy in Love really caught my ear while watching the movie. If you’re a fan of Beyonce and big band music, you’ve got to have a listen.

Here is one of my favourite parts of the movie. “Who is this Gatsby?”

Firefly’s Pizza at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market

Do you live in the east end and have no plans tomorrow morning? You do now. You should go to the Cumberland Farmers’ Market and try some of Firefly’s pizza and pasta. Firefly is a colleague of mine that is starting an italian pizza business on the side. Tomorrow is her first time (and hopefully not her last) selling pizza and pasta at the farmer’s market.

Please go visit her! Say hi! Let them know that you read this on the blog. Have a great time!

The Cumberland Farmers’ Market is open Saturday’s from 8am to 1pm.

If you don’t have a chance to visit the market and would still like to try some of Firefly’s food, click on this link to see her menu. (Flyer-2)

Have a lovely weekend readers!

Day 10 – A song by your favourite band

For Day 10, I’m supposed to pick a song by my favourite band. My favourite band of all time is The Beatles. A couple of year’s ago, I was lucky enough to go to Toronto and see Paul McCartney live and it was incredible. If I was born in the 50’s, I think I would have made a great groupie. I would have had pictures of The Beatles all over my walls, bought the pencil cases, the t-shirts, etc… *sigh*

Here are a few videos from the Beatles in the 60’s:

My experience going on CTV Morning Live Ottawa

Earlier this week, I had my first experience going on TV, LIVE TV at that! It was amazing. I went back and forth between nervousness and excitement; it could have given me a stomachache.

When I originally got contacted from the CTV Ottawa Morning Live, I was thrilled and anxious. Did I really want to go on live TV and show my identity to locals around me? Did I want to colleagues to know that I blog? I went back and forth thinking do I really want to do this? I did. I wanted to go on TV and show the world Ottawa that not only do I have a full-time day job, balance my day-to-day activities and I also blog.

Before I went on the show, the show’s producer was great and was very clear on what I would be talking about. I put all my favorite mom apps on my iPad Mini ready to demonstrate any of the apps if needed.

While I was waiting in the lobby to go on, a camera guy mentioned that we (my husband came with me for support) were welcome to coffee and donuts. I was too nervous to eat… but I did manage to eat two Timbits.

During the show, I was nervous. Lianne Laing did an excellent job interviewing me and was really professional. She gave me a great tip before we started and helped me sit just the right way. While were chatting on camera, I was getting even more nervous, I kept thinking that I was repeating myself and flubbing my words.

After the show, I was shaking. I couldn’t believe it! I did it! I went on live TV and did an interview! I watched the video and thought I did a pretty good job.

I was hoping that by going on CTV Morning Live new moms found it helpful to learn about my favourite apps. I’m so proud of myself for doing this. I can’t wait to do it again.

If I could do it all over again, here are a few things I would have done differently:

  • Watch some YouTube videos of news anchors that can’t stop laughing while on camera to make myself more relaxed (see above).
  • Put on more makeup.
  • Do my hair!?!?!
  • Drink the coffee.

Have you ever been on TV or live TV? Do you have any tips to make it easier next time (if there is a next time)?



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Day 09 – A song that reminds you of your “first love”

My husband is my “first love”. When I was younger, I feel like I thought I was in love with my ex-boyfriends, I may have, but it’s not the same kind of love that I have for my husband and daughter now. It’s different.

A song that reminds me of my “first love” is this one. Our wedding song. Enjoy!

Kids Kingdom Kanata (Review)

photo 1

Last weekend, I took my 12-month old daughter to Kids Kingdom in Kanata (66 Hearst Way, Kanata). My first impression of the location was good. It was HUGE, very clean and had lots of natural light.

Admission for Kids Kingdom, it was $5 for 23 months and under, $15 for kids aged 2-12 and $3 per adult.  Your admission include access to:

  • Infant play centre
  • Inflatable bounce area
  • Kids Kingdom castle play structure
  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • Parents lounge*

Once we paid, we had to put away our shoes (socks only!), bags and coats. No outside food or drink permitted.

We only stayed at the Kingdom for about an hour. My daughter can’t walk by herself yet, so we just kind of cruised against all the netted walls, went down some slides and played with foam blocks. I think she had a great time. She fell asleep right away when we left.

As great of a time that we had, I was a little disappointed about a few things:

  • The price to spend an afternoon at Kids Kingdom is expensive. I find $15/per child (luckily we only had to pay $8 for the two of us) expensive. Maybe by the time my daughter is 2, they will have a bit more. Not only do you have to pay admission, but you also have to pay to play any of the arcade games and if you want any food or drink.
  • No outlet covers on the plugs. I noticed near the arcade area that some outlet plug covers were missing. No biggie, just gentling reminding Kids Kingdom that baby proofing at a kids playground might be a good idea.
  • No bags allowed. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to bring my bag in. I realize that it’s to avoid bringing in food and drink, but I like the idea of having my diaper bag close by with wipes and diapers if I needed to change her. Since it was our first visit, I didn’t ask questions and just gave them my bag to put away.

Overall, I think the visit was a success, but I don’t think I would go back again anytime soon. I’d probably wait until she’s invited to a kids birthday party to go back. IMO, I feel like I could spend less than $5 on a Happy Meal at McDonalds and let her run wild at one of the McDonald’s Playplace for a lot cheaper (however, I realize that I may feel differently in a few years).

photo 2

On one of the Facebook groups that I’m a part of, a lot of people had some things to say about the Kingdom. Here are a few quotes:

  • “We spent 5 hours there last week with kids aged ranged from 5-8 years old.”
  • “You could easily do 3 hours.”
  • “… it’s very different from Cosmic. My son actually preferred this [Kids Kingdom].”
  • “It’s great there and the food is good.”
  • “We went last week, it’s more of a gym tale, monkey around our that play time 4 kids that used to be on merivale road….I found it pricey for what’s there, personally it doesn’t compare at all to cosmic adventures but it is a cute little place to go for a few hours when you don’t want to drive out to the east end. If it is any indication, two five year olds enjoyed playing with the giant balls in the kiddy area and watching the cartoons that are on the tv in the eating area than they did playing on the structure…and their blow up slide thing wasn’t up and working.”

Most people seemed very happy with their visit and a few nah-sayers seemed to be with me about the price thing. HOWEVER, it was brought to my attention that you can purchase a $100/year membership. So maybe that will be easier to swallow if you plan to visit it frequently.

Have you been to Kids Kingdom? What did you think? How would you compare it to Cosmic, Ikea or FunHaven**?





* I’m not sure what the “parents lounge” is? Maybe just where you sit down in the cafeteria section?

** I have never taken my daughter to any of these places, however, I’m really interested to hear about what you have to say.

Free World Tattoos

Earlier this week, I may or may not have gotten a tattoo.

Sunday night, while we were watching The Amazing Spiderman on Netflix (I chose this movie because I love Emma Stone* for lip  syncing with Jimmy Fallon), I saw something on my Facebook newsfeed that caught my eye.

There is a new tattoo shop in Ottawa called Free World Tattoo. It’s a cute little shop and it’s just off Preston Street in Ottawa.

They have a new apprentice named Chris. Chris is huge Star Wars fan and is currently learning to tattoo outlines of silhouettes on people (specifically the ones on their Facebook page). It always amazes me how talented tattoo artists are to not only draw beautiful things on paper, but on people too.

Chris is looking for willing subjects to have one of these silhouettes done on their body for free. I’m not sure if there is any room left to book an appointment with him, but I would recommend calling ((613) 238-2059) the shop right away to find out if they have any availability. I think they had limited space available for this promotion.

Speaking of tattoos…

Recently, the Postcards from the Mothership wanted bloggy peeps to talk about tattoos. Here are my answers to her Q & A’s:

Are tattoos still risqué when the moms at the schoolyard pickup are sharing tattoo aftercare tips? Or do they still send out a negative impression in your opinion?

Oh gawd, I hope not. When I first started dropping my daughter off at daycare, I have to admit, I was a little conscience about showing my tattoos to the daycare providers. Not because I didn’t want them to think I was a “bad mom”, but because I didn’t want my tattoos to be their first impression of me. I think I’m pretty swell (thank you very much), but still I think some people still do have a negative impression about tattoos. People like to judge, it’s in their nature. So, I just wanted to avoid that all together and just hide them. Now, I don’t give a f**k. I think our daycare providers are pretty awesome and that they “get it”. So now I don’t hide them at all.

Are tattoos mainstream, or do they still make people judgy?

Both. I think tattoos are becoming more mainstream. Doctors, teachers and 60-year old moms (hi mom!) are getting them. I do think that there is still a stigma attached to them and I do think that people will judge, but if they aren’t judging you on your tattoos, they’ll judge you for something else (the car you drive, the daycare you chose, the clothing you wear).

I read the blog post that DaniGirl linked to on her blog. Have a read: Why it’s okay to have a baby, but not tattoos.

Do you have one?

Yes… a few.

How and why did you choose your design?

Most of my tattoos are to stamp a moment in time. Maybe I’ll make another blog post about them and why I chose them, but for now this is the best way to describe them.

Do you have any regrets about having – or not having – one?

Nope. Not a single regret and if I ever did, I know there are some great artists in the Ottawa area that could help me cover it or touch it up. I really do love all my tattoos.

Do you have any tattoos? Do you agree or disagree with my comments above? Let me know if you book an appointment with Chris! Help support a local artist!

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*Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone

Day 07 – A song that reminds you of the past summer


But, if I had to pick a song it would be this one by Pharrell Williams. “You wanna ride it? My motorcycle”.

On July 20, a few of us went to watch the Ottawa MX National‘s in Sand Del Lee in Richmond, Ontario. It was so fun! We didn’t say long, because we had our little one with us, but for what we did see we liked it. I think if I went back next year, I would try and be more prepared (BYO food, chairs, shade, maybe even a camper). Good times. Have you ever been? What did you think?