Kids Kingdom Kanata (Review)

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Last weekend, I took my 12-month old daughter to Kids Kingdom in Kanata (66 Hearst Way, Kanata). My first impression of the location was good. It was HUGE, very clean and had lots of natural light.

Admission for Kids Kingdom, it was $5 for 23 months and under, $15 for kids aged 2-12 and $3 per adult.  Your admission include access to:

  • Infant play centre
  • Inflatable bounce area
  • Kids Kingdom castle play structure
  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • Parents lounge*

Once we paid, we had to put away our shoes (socks only!), bags and coats. No outside food or drink permitted.

We only stayed at the Kingdom for about an hour. My daughter can’t walk by herself yet, so we just kind of cruised against all the netted walls, went down some slides and played with foam blocks. I think she had a great time. She fell asleep right away when we left.

As great of a time that we had, I was a little disappointed about a few things:

  • The price to spend an afternoon at Kids Kingdom is expensive. I find $15/per child (luckily we only had to pay $8 for the two of us) expensive. Maybe by the time my daughter is 2, they will have a bit more. Not only do you have to pay admission, but you also have to pay to play any of the arcade games and if you want any food or drink.
  • No outlet covers on the plugs. I noticed near the arcade area that some outlet plug covers were missing. No biggie, just gentling reminding Kids Kingdom that baby proofing at a kids playground might be a good idea.
  • No bags allowed. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to bring my bag in. I realize that it’s to avoid bringing in food and drink, but I like the idea of having my diaper bag close by with wipes and diapers if I needed to change her. Since it was our first visit, I didn’t ask questions and just gave them my bag to put away.

Overall, I think the visit was a success, but I don’t think I would go back again anytime soon. I’d probably wait until she’s invited to a kids birthday party to go back. IMO, I feel like I could spend less than $5 on a Happy Meal at McDonalds and let her run wild at one of the McDonald’s Playplace for a lot cheaper (however, I realize that I may feel differently in a few years).

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On one of the Facebook groups that I’m a part of, a lot of people had some things to say about the Kingdom. Here are a few quotes:

  • “We spent 5 hours there last week with kids aged ranged from 5-8 years old.”
  • “You could easily do 3 hours.”
  • “… it’s very different from Cosmic. My son actually preferred this [Kids Kingdom].”
  • “It’s great there and the food is good.”
  • “We went last week, it’s more of a gym tale, monkey around our that play time 4 kids that used to be on merivale road….I found it pricey for what’s there, personally it doesn’t compare at all to cosmic adventures but it is a cute little place to go for a few hours when you don’t want to drive out to the east end. If it is any indication, two five year olds enjoyed playing with the giant balls in the kiddy area and watching the cartoons that are on the tv in the eating area than they did playing on the structure…and their blow up slide thing wasn’t up and working.”

Most people seemed very happy with their visit and a few nah-sayers seemed to be with me about the price thing. HOWEVER, it was brought to my attention that you can purchase a $100/year membership. So maybe that will be easier to swallow if you plan to visit it frequently.

Have you been to Kids Kingdom? What did you think? How would you compare it to Cosmic, Ikea or FunHaven**?





* I’m not sure what the “parents lounge” is? Maybe just where you sit down in the cafeteria section?

** I have never taken my daughter to any of these places, however, I’m really interested to hear about what you have to say.


McDonald’s Birthday Party Review (with VLOG)

On Sunday, we celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday at McDonald’s. Remember going to a McDonald’s birthday parties in 80s? It was pure awesomeness. At our party, we had a little get together with friends and family at the McDonald’s off Moodie Drive. We chose this McDonald’s location because they host birthday parties, have a Playplace for the kids to play in and it’s close to the highway. 

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. 

After watching the video below on YouTube titled “McDonald’s Birthday Party Semi Review,” (posted April 6, 2014) I have to admit, I was a little concerned about what I would be paying for. After my experience on Sunday, I really feel like I need to make my own YouTube video to speak about my experience having a McDonald’s birthday party.

McDonald’s Birthday Party Semi Review

My McDonald’s Birthday Party Review

Below you will see pictures of the decorations on the tables, including the signage that reserved our section from 11-2pm. Loot bag toys and McDonald’s birthday party placemats for the kids.


Birthday Decorations Birthday Decorations 2 McDonald's Birthday Loot Bags McDonald's Birthday Party Placemats

As mentioned in the video, I would have her party again at this McDonald’s location. They did an excellent job and I was very happy with our experience. If you have any questions about hosting a McDonald’s birthday party in Ottawa, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Happy Birthday!

Here are some wonderful Happy Birthday songs I found on YouTube for kids (that are under 30 seconds long):


Happy 75th Birthday Batman!

Yesterday was Batman’s 75th birthday. According to this source, July 23 is DC Entertainment’s official Batman Day.

To wish the cape crusader a “happy birthday” here’s a video from Baman and Piderman – Frow Da Party.


Speaking of McDonald’s Birthday Parties

Please visit my Pinterest board for party ideas for hosting a McDonald’s birthday party.


1st Birthday Video

2014 McDonalds Birthday Party Invitation

Later this month, my husband and I will be hosting our daughter’s 1st birthday at McDonalds. I mean really, who didn’t love a McDonald’s birthday party in the 80s and 90s?

Before my daughter was even born, I created an email address for her, every month or so, I email her and tell her a few things. Send her random pictures and videos. I plan on giving her this email address when she’s 16 or.. when she decides to have her own children. I got the idea from this YouTube video.

Now that her first birthday is coming up, I’m working on ideas on what I should say to her for her 1st birthday video. I want to:

a) Tell her a little about herself, us, uncle and grandparents

b) Take a video of just her

c) Take a video of our house (give her a little tour of what it looks like right now)

d) Invite friends and family to also send her an video to her email address, wishing her a happy 1st birthday

Right now, I’m compiling a list of things that I would like to mention to her. Here is what I have so far:

  • Height and weight
  • # of teeth
  • Eye and hair colour
  • Nicknames
  • Things she loves (food, toys, book, tv show)
  • Things she dislikes (food, toys)
  • Where she has traveled
  • Words she can say
  • Can she walk?
  • Memorable moments
  • Future boyfriend predictions (ha!)
  • What is the #1 song on the radio that day.

Do you have any ideas for what else we should mention in our video?