Wife. Mom. Daughter. Blogger.

A little about me:

I’m a 30-something mom to a beautiful one-year-old living in rural Ottawa, Ontario. I love to travel with my husband, try new things and check things off my bucket list. Most recently, I went to Cancun, Mexico for a friend’s wedding and went skinny-dipping. Yup, don’t judge. You wish you did it too.

After a long hiatus from blogging (does anyone remember pleasepickupyoursocks?), I’m ready to start something fresh and new. I’m zipping up the 9” zipper on my “mom jeans” and giving it a go at mommy blogging. I still have a full-time job and plan on blogging on the side, however, if you would like to help me become a full-time blogger, go back to school (I would love to work towards a BFA) and do my day-job on the side, please feel free to donate towards my cause on Kickstart* (hey, if the potato salad guy can raise $40,000 to make a salad, I have to try and see if people would help me blog full-time).

Why come back to blogging? I miss you. Really. I miss you and the Internet. I miss sharing ideas, having discussions, and sharing project ideas. Plus, blogging inspires me to do something super awesome and share it with you and the world.

Over the next couple of weeks (hopefully years) follow me and my journey into parenthood. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.



*Just kidding.


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