Month: September 2014

Watch A Dude Bend His iPhone 6 With His Bare Hands

Be careful with your new iPhone 6 Plus people. Wear looser pants to avoid bending. 🙂


Unbox Therapy Unbox Therapy

Let us begin this post with the qualifying statement that it has never until today occurred to us to try to bend a cellphone, subsequently, we do not know how much bendy-type pressure one should expect to be able to apply on a phone without warping it. I probably could go downstairs to the labs and start bending Consumer Reports’ test phones to establish a baseline, but I suspect they’d be sort of angry, and I really want them to like me. So, let it be known that we don’t know if this video of a guy bending his phone on purpose represents evidence of an unacceptable performance from the phone. But it totally does bend. Yes, it does.

“This is a huge piece of aluminum… yes it bends under the force of my hand pressure,” says Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy. He adds, “It’s time to see how…

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Would You Like To Be Able To Buy A Big Mac With Empty Soda & Beer Cans?

What a fabulous idea! What do you think?


3034937-inline-i-1-big-mac-cansGot a hankering for a Big Mac but don’t want to spend the money? Your recycling bin may hold the key to sating your special sauce craving… or it would if you were living in Sweden.

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