#babysfirstselfie #nohungrykids

One of the first questions people ask you when you’re pregnant is:

  • When are you due?
  • Are you going to find out the sex?
  • What are you having?
  • Is this your first?
  • Is this your second?
  • Did you sign up for free samples?

There are some fabulous free samples available out there for new (Canadian) mothers. One of my favourite samples that I received was the Nestle Good Start package. In the mail, you’ll receive a backpack, change pad, samples of Nestle Good Start (powder and liquid) and coupons.

The beautiful things about getting samples from different formula makers is you can keep trying different kids to see which one works for your baby. For us, Nestle Good Start worked.

Our formula days are now long gone, but I received this email from Nestle this morning that peeked my interest.

Share your little one’s first ever selfie on Instagram or Twitter using both #babysfirstselfie and#nohungrykids to upload your photo to our gallery and we’ll help feed a child in need through Food Banks Canada’s network of food banks.*

So here is our baby’s (not her) first selfie:




Let us know if you post a #babyselfie.



*each first selfie shared, Nestlé will make a financial contribution to Food Banks Canada’s network of food banks, up to a maximum total of $25,000 for all selfies shared. The contributions will help fund national programs that help serve the almost 300,000 Canadian children who rely on a food bank each month.


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