My tips for going to Maker Faire with a 12 month old


Yesterday, my daughter and I braved the crowds and went to the Mini Maker Faire at the Museum of Science and Technology. I had never been to a Maker Faire, but have always wanted to. Now that I’ve been, I have a few tips for those that plan on going to future Maker Faire’s with a 12 month old:

  • Bringing a stroller is a dumb idea. There’s no room for it. Not only did I not bring my SUV stroller, I thought I was being smart and brought my umbrella stroller. Nope. Not smart. Next time, if you have one, put the baby in a carrier. That should make life a lot little easier.
  • Go on Sunday. We went on Saturday and it was soo busy. I’m not sure if the crowds would be as crazy today as they were yesterday, my gut is telling me no (if you went to MakerFaire today, please let me know what you thought).
  • Eat before going. If you get hangry like me, you’ll have way more patience dealing with large crowds if you’ve had something to eat.
  • Bring cash. I didn’t bring any and I wish I did. On one table, I saw that they had cool Maker Faire pins you could buy with robots on them. If I had change on me, I would have considered getting one.

Did you go to Maker Faire this weekend? Do you have any tips? What did you think of it?

Here’s my 2014 review here if you haven’t already read it.


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