Summer of Awesome, Redux

Although this post was made in 2011, still lots of great stuff is happening in 2014. Great post Turtlehead!


Summer of Awesome Logo

Last year’s Summer Of Awesome campaign was a huge success, I must say. We didn’t have any big travel plans, so instead I led the kids in being tourists in our own city. This city has an amazing amount of activities, museums, and attractions, and we wanted to take full advantage. Not that lazing around in the backyard isn’t great – we did a lot of that, as well – but I tried to get us out for at least two activities per week, and it really was Awesome.

This year, we’re up for it again, but I’m particularly looking for inexpensive or free activities. We can splurge on a couple of major day trips, but last year almost everything we did ended up costing $100, and when you add all that up, we may as well have thrown it all at a big trip instead. This year, we will…

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