Daycare – Day 1 – How it went

Friday was our daughter’s first day at daycare and overall, I think it went well. They told me she was smart, friendly, kind and fearless… but they had a bit of a hard time with nap time… This is what I thought would happen:

My prediction:

  • Wake her up at 6:00am
  • Give her a bottle
  • Leave the house at 6:30am
  • Get to daycare for 7:00am
  • No morning nap (she normally has a 1.5 hour nap in the morning at home, but didn’t think she would do it at daycare)
  • Not fall asleep for her new “regular” nap time (was hoping that she would though)
  • Pick up during nap time

What happened:

  • She woke up at 5:55am
  • I gave her a bottle
  • We left the house at 6:30am
  • Got her to daycare by 7:00am
  • No morning nap (she cried a little, but was easily distracted with a toy)
  • Did not fall asleep for her new “regular” nap time
  • Picked her up during nap time (I only did this because I had the day off, next week will be a different story)

Nap time I think is going to be the biggest obstacle for us to overcome or I should say for the daycare provider to overcome. Right now, this is our routine for nap.

Room set up:

  • Room: Blackout blinds
  • Music: iPhone app (slow waves)
  • Lighting: Battery operated candle
  • Crib: only a fitted crib sheet, no blankets
  • Lovey: Curious George


  • Curious George is in the crib
  • Sit in rocking chair with her and feed her milk in a bottle
  • Burp her towards me
  • Put her down in crib with Curious George
  • Leave room while she is awake

I have no idea what the routine is at daycare, but I’m pretty confident that they probably don’t rock her in a rocking chair with a bottle before her nap. At daycare, our daughter will be sleeping on a cot and not in a crib and the blinds are down in the room, but they aren’t blackout blinds.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can make this transition easier for my daughter? I would really like her to nap at her daycare with the other kids. I don’t want her to get any special treatment, but I would like to make this easier on everyone. Any advice?

On a side note, our daughter was sleep trained at 6.5 months. We used the Sleepeasy Solution. It took us a few weeks to get it right (she’s a tough cookie), but it now works wonderfully for us. If you are thinking about sleep training and need a buddy to help you get through it (it’s not easy), please feel free to keep in touch with me. I’d be happy to be your sleep training buddy.


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