My Top 3 (Free) To-Do List Templates

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been debating between buying a planner/agenda or DIY’ing one. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do. I’m leaning more towards the DIY route.

While doing my research for the perfect to-do list template, I came across 3 that really caught my eye. Below you will find my top 3 (free) printable to-do list templates that I found on the Internet.

1.  That’s What {Che} Said – Free Printable Daily To Do List

What I love about this template is the hydrate section, the for me section and fitness. These are often sections that aren’t normally included in a basic to-do list, but as important to keep your mind and body healthy too.

2. – Free work to-do list


I love the simplicity of this todo list. It’s very clean looking. The 10 minute task section is awesome. It great to have a section of easy things that you can check off your list quickly. This to-do list comes in two different colours on their website.

3. Laura Likes Design – To-Do List (Free Printable)


If I was working from home (I would LOOOVE to one day be a full-time blogger), I would be all over this to-do list. I love the chores section, meals (good reminder to eat) and the be active section. I think it looks very clean and simple. Very easy to use.

As much as I love all these templates, they don’t quite meet my needs. I need something that has a section for little bit of work, a little bit of blog and a whole lotta of water on it. I might try and slap something together and see if it works. I’ll post my progress here on the blog so you can give me your input too.





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