“Beep Beep Boop”

That’s what WordPress says as it’s loading my first blog post webpage. 

It’s July 10, 2014. Today’s date has no real significance to why I choose this date, I just did. Could it be because it’s National Teddy Bear Picnic Day or that the sun is shinning so brightly outside that I just couldn’t wait to come inside and start my first blog post or that I bought my Lotto 649 ticket today and hope to be a full-time blogger by the weekend. Who knows. All I know, is here I am, at the computer, ready to start this thing.

My name is Jenny. I’m a (rural) Ottawa 30-something mother, wife, daughter and sister to some beautiful people. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog (again) for a while now. I miss blogging. It’s fun. I have fun doing it. Sharing ideas, projects, thoughts. I love it. 

Every year, around this time, I feel a sudden urge to do something that will challenge me. Every. Year.  A few years ago, I registered for a Writing Grammatically Course with Algonquin College (and didn’t finish it… probably should of stuck with it…). Another year, I did yoga teacher training and passed (me. a yoga teacher. for reals). And last year I had a baby (enough said). 

Fall 2014 will be the year of the blog and living with a one-year-old. I will challenge myself to post some awesome things for the next 365 days and in hopes that you will find a few things that interest you too. 

My first goal: to reach x2 the amount of readers that I have today in a week. 

So, if you’re out there, comment!! Let me know you’re listening and what advice you have for a new mommy blogger! I would love to hear it.




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